Alan Chapman & Duncan Barford SpiralNature Interview
Duncan Barford on Mysterious Universe Internet Radio Show very good Duncan interview, but the podcasters want $$$ for it
The Baptist's Head

Chapman's Tweets

- Unless your spiritual life is concerned with your own direct awakening, chances are you're entertaining limp, anti-human drivel.
- Haven't you had enough of 'injecting compassion into Facebook', or the whispers of neutered 'non-dual' teachers?
- What about the pathertic hypocrisy of klesha-smashing 'wisdom' holders who can't manage the basics of social and romantic relationships?
- And the patronising applause those few who can manage a half-baked grasp of social bedia receive?
- Fuck social media, fuck your ground-breaking app, fuck your passive aggressive compassion. TIME TO WAKE UP. Everything else is spittle.
- Repeat after me: #EnlightenmentAbsolutism. No more flim-flamming pseudo-spiritual anti-human avoidance tactics.
- Who cares what it looks like, whether you feel like you belong, or how you can presume to 'serve others'? Do the latter by WAKING UP.
- Spirituality? There is nothing outside of waking up. NOTHING. Repeat after me: #EnlightenmentAbsolutism